Ralf Wiegand's Biography

updated July 13, 2017

Ralf, german born US-American, has been in the Computer business for more then 20 years. He started out with PRIME Computer in the early 1990's. He holds several SUN Microsystems Certificates from working for the State and City of New York in the mid 2000's. Ralf was one of the original members of the UNYUUG - Upstate New York Unix User Group and a strong supporter of Open Source Technologies.

Today, Ralf is continuing to work within the Open Source Environment and is involved in a wide area of technical projects and specializations, including certifications in IBM DB2, OTRS, VMware virtualization technics and photography. One of Ralf's great passions is photography. 

Since early 2016, Ralf has enrolled in "Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR" from Michigan State University. Here, Ralf is continuing to gain all the essential skills needed to become a creative and professional Photographer.

cameras exposure and photography camera control principles of photo composition and digital Image post production Course4

Ralf was member of the Elsmere Fire Company, Elsmere, New York from 1992 until 2010 and was trained as an HAZMAT Technician. After 9/11 he has taken Firematic specific classes in Anti Terror and WMD Training.

Ralf would like to continue with his passion of photography, continue to be involved in Open Source Technologies, as well as PCI DSS and to share his knowledge with others. Ralf is Founder and CEO of TML Technologies and volunteers his free time with the United Services Organization in Wiesbaden.



 July 2004

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