Secure Communications

How to secure your Internet Communications?

If you require to secure your Internet Communication, you have several choises:


You can encrypt your email communication by using OpenPGP and Open Source software.  Clear is Open Source Software is open, meaning the source code is in public domain.  So if there would be a security issue or a backdoor, the public would see it in the open source code of the product.

Making connections over the Internet and hiding your identity.  The Tor Project.


What is Tor?

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis

Mobile Device: 

Make sure you always encrypt your harddrive.


Always encript your data

AxCrypt (Windows, Free)

Five Best File Encryption Tools

AxCrypt is a free encryption tool for Windows. Once installed it integrates with the Windows shell and offers simple right-click encryption and decryption of files with AES-256 encryption. Your entire interaction with AxCrypt can take place exclusively from the right-click context menu. In addition to integrating with Windows and offering easy encryption and decryption, you can also use the tool to create self-extracting archives to securely transport files or transfer them to a friend—no AxCrypt installation necessary at the other end.

TrueCrypt (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)  discontinued

Five Best File Encryption Tools


How to Encrypt and Hide Your Entire Operating System from Prying Eyes

Over the years, we've written about loads of different ways to hide and encrypt your private data from others, but if you're really serious … Read…

TrueCrypt is a free, powerful, and on-the-fly disk encryption tool. With TrueCrypt, you can create secure encrypted virtual disks or even encrypt entire drives. TrueCrypt is an on-the-fly encryption tool, meaning files are decrypted as you access them and modify them and then encrypted when not in use. Thanks to various optimization tricks and full utilization of the power of modern processors, working within a TrueCrypt volume feels no different than working on a regular unsecured disk. TrueCrypt not only offers strong and transparent encryption—it also offers the ability to create hidden volumes within encrypted volumes for even more secure (and obscured) file protection.

GNU Privacy Guard (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)

Five Best File Encryption Tools

GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is an open-source implementation of the famed Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption tool—you can read the very interesting history of PGP and how GnuPG came to be here. GnuPG is a volume and individual file encryption tool with support for a dozen encryption schemes, paired keys, and expiring signatures. GnuPG doesn't only provide rock-solid local file encryption; it is, thanks to paired encryption and public key servers, a great tool for encrypted communication. Please note, regular old GnuPG is a command line tool. Check out the list of graphical wrappers and application plug-ins for various operating systems here. The screenshot above is from Cryptophane, a graphical Windows interface for GnuPG.

Make sure you are not using weak Ciphers!!!

Making a secure Point-to-point secure connection.

This is done by using a VPN (Virtual Privat Network).

Your private path to access network
resources and services securely

Just word of visdom. 

If you don't have to hide anything, you don't need to encrypt.  You are responsible of what you are put on Facebook, Google or twitter. You are responsible where your are going on the Web.  Use the Internet responsibly!